The Good Life

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Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

From the Cigar Maker:

Tasting Notes: Barnyard and cocoa on the body. Fabric softener on the foot. The cold draw is bakers spices, soy sauce, and pepper. The first third begins with bakers spices like nutmeg, heavy fresh-baked bread, pine, and a richness that is unparalleled. If you have never had chocolate babka it’s sort of like a cinnamon roll but with chocolate instead of cinnamon and no icing. It’s like chocolate swirled bread. It’s heavy, rich, and decadent. This is what I get when I smoke this cigar. Chocolate cake, red wine, mild pepper, sweet sugar, dried floral notes. This really is the closes thing to smoking a chocolate cake. The second third is slightly less sweet. It has herb notes like Italian seasoning and the wood picks up to a nice cedar. Bread is still prominent. At times I am reminded of smacks cereal, sugar smacks. Grainy, slightly sweet, sandalwood, slightly smoky. I am thoroughly enjoying this. In the final third I get a chili seasoning spice, floral notes pick up, there is a cedar wood uptick as well. Now it becomes a gourmet chocolate cake that uses herbs and unique spices. I also get roasted nuts. In the end, I get left with all of these flavors mending together and making a cool menthol like smoke. WOW. The Good Life. What more can I say?
Pairing notes: Chocolate cake. Champagne. Amber Lager. Cognac. Chocolate covered almonds. After a steak. After an Ice cream sundae. With an egg cream soda. Anytime you want to celebrate.

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